The Story so Far (session 3)

AUGUST 9TH, 2009

In the next chapter of the continuing adventures of Meta-Powered Heroes (and Heroine) Anglerfish™, Betances™, La Calacas™, El Consolador™, El Diablo Blanco™  and Misterio Rojo™  have the first, real trial as Meta-Heroes.

Being Meta-Heroes on a budget, Our Team hires a truck to take them to the city outskirts where they plan to spend the next few days honing their abilities and Phenomena for their oncoming fights with veteran Meta-Fighters
Slice™ and Molestor™.

Unfortunately, strange things begin to happen all over Mexico, as unusual… creatures begin to be reported turning up all over the Federated States. Apparitions and Sightings had been a part of Mexican tradition for decades, but in recent weeks, these occurrences had tripled, with people seeing from the usual UFOs and USOs to the infamous Flying Humanoids, of which the sinister Voladoras are a rather dangerous example.

This is what Our Cast of Characters encounters on their outing to train, when their truck is halted by a roadblock formed by a mob of people watching a Display of Voladoras  cavorting up in the skies above their Barrio.  Misterio Rojo™ flies up to investigate, while the rest of the team is left to handle the mass of restless people… badly.

While Misterio Rojo™ challenges the unknown, Betances™ tries to talk the hundreds of agitated  people into  dispersing and allow them to be on their way. This is met with limited success, so Our Heroes decide on a more direct approach;  La Calacas™ figures she can get the people out of the way by scaring them to move, while for some reason, Anglerfish™ bullying people with his Meta-Phenomena^ (Powers) will scatter the mob.

Plans go awfully wrong, when Calacas™ morphs her costume into a form that panics the already-scared people and Anglerfish™ accidentally harms an innocent bystander.  El Consolador™ sees this and tries to restrain Anglerfish™ by force, causing a brawl to erupt between the two Metas^ in the middle of a crowded street. Anglerfish™ meets Consolador’s™ restraining attempts with unrestrained Meta-Violence unleashing lethal blasts of Anglerfish’s™ trademark liquid streams, which Consolador™ easily evades the blasts, but not the bystanders behind, resulting in an impressive body count in the first seconds of fighting.

The fight between Metas provokes a full-blown riot in the already-restless crowd, not helped by Calacas™ adopting a monstrous guise to further panic the people at the crowds edge, and like stampeding cattle, the crowd disperses, leaving behind a lot of wounded and dead civilians.

Meanwhile, Misterio Rojo™ confronts the Voladora in the air, finding a faceless, robed humanoid that can divide in two and reintegrate into one entity with bursts of lightning before vanishing before his very eyes. He returns to ground to a scene of devastation and death caused by the riot.  Our Meta-Characters decide over discretion, and leave the place before the authorities or the News arrive.*
*What can I say? Mistakes were made.

This can sometimes happen in a group where novice players outnumber veteran players. In this case, the veterans were the players of Misterio Rojo™ and Diablo Blanco™ and Anglerfish™.  Betances’s™ had more than a few game sessions under his belt.

Misterio’s™ was out of action for a few minutes while his character investigated the Voladora, but two other veteran players were available to act. Of course, one of those veterans was Anglerfish’s™ player!

To this day I am not sure how things got so out of control, but a Game Master’s job is to take advantage of those rare mistakes and make it interesting for the players. Maybe some of the other player’s can explain their choice of Character’s actions..

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