The Story so Far (session 2)

The Story So Far, Session 2

“The Party From Helllllll!”
JULY 25TH , 2009

Our sextet of neophyte Heroes/ Performers are invited to a party thrown by the XUWF Promoters for their star attraction Fighters and various Sponsors and several of Mexico City’s most prominent citizens.

It is chance for ANGLERFISH™, BETANCES™, LA CALACAS™, EL CONSOLADOR™, EL DIABLO BLANCO™ and MISTERIO ROJO™ to rub elbows with Mexico City’s Finest. Unfortunately, also invited to the party are prominent members of the Cult of the Herpetological Hermeutics™*. A wealthy religious cult based on the belief that All people can become Metahumans, and uses the imagery of snakes shedding their skin to simbolize the transition for Average Human to Meta- Human in a sort of metaphysical rebirth.  The similarity to reptiles amongst cultists is more than symbolic however, as members of the Herpeutics* adopt snake-like and reptilian imagery for their ciult’s symbols, and the Metas^ serving the cult have powers similar to those of reptiles.

Anglerfish™ is a deadly enemy of the cult, and with one of the Cults’ Herpeutic Grand Ophidians* attending the Party, it isn’t long before tempers flare and a super-powered fight threatens to destroy the party.

*You may have noticed the tendency in Comics to cast characters with reptilian or serpentine traits as bad guys.  Often, these reflect the authors’ revulsion and fear of these animals.

Amongst these Creations, a few examples come to mind, such as Batman’s Killer Croc and Captain America’s  Serpent Society, just to name a few. Fear of certain reptiles, particularly snakes is an universal, primal thing and it makes sense to cast in the role of Bad Guys something that most people will hate and fear.
In the Aberrant gaming session, I made this particular group of Bad Guys into a religious cult of mystics that offers a sort of rebirth to its members (symbolized by a snake’s shedding of its skin) as Meta-Humans, and indeed among the Cultists there seems to be a disproportionate number of people with powers. The Herpeutics™ indeed have the power to gift its most loyal adherents with Super-Human powers (only an elite core called the Great Worms), but such powers are more like a disease than a boon, as the new  Novas seem to acquire reptilian traits and deformities along with reptile-like powers and abilities, such as poisons and regeneration of lost limbs.

As the game progressed, the player’s Characters would have further confrontations with the sinister Herpetological Hermeutics (Herpeutics for short), and learn the awful secrets of this cult, as to have Great Heroes and author must also create Great Villains.

Before the situation boils over to a brawl, two of the XUWF’s star Fighters get in the way and challenge Our Heroes (and Heroine) to a Match. SLICE™ and MOLESTOR™ want to take on the characters for the Championship match in the Chapultepec Park stadium.**
During the party, the characters also meet a mysterious character from Anglerfish’s™ past. One lady named Silicca Rizik, who feigns not to recognize her former friend and claims to be someone else entirely. She appears to have powers and abilities similar to a Meta’s but do not have the same causality as Meta-Phenomena***.

** Contrary to popular belief , Role-Playing-Games are not All about a series of combat encounters played through dice rolls, but at least one fight per game does enliven the evening a lot, and make for very intense acting from the players.  Thought  no fights broke out in this session, just the threat of combat was enough to motivate some inspired Role-Playing from the Players, particularly Anglerfish’s™ player, whose back story (See Anglerfish’s™ section for details) includes a long-standing feud with the Herpeutics™.

The game session ended with players agreeing they needed to learn how to better use the powers and abilities of their characters, and would dedicate the next couple of sessions to sort of ‘train’ in the capabilities of their characters (a motion proposed by Misterio Rojo’s™ player).

*** In Aberrant® terms, Silicca Rizik seems to have Nova-like powers, but these don’t seem to have a Quantum signature associated with Novas.

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