The Story so Far (session 1)


*Hi and welcome to the Narrative Portion of Our Role-Playing page!  In this section, I will try to describe what happens during the gaming sessions to The Players, the Characters we play, and Anecdotes of the Gaming experience we enjoy.  I will describe what happens to Us in the actual Gaming Session using Italics, while the story of the Characters we play   (Our Super-Hero Alter-Egos) will be told using the blog’s regular text.  Each time a session anecdote comes up, an asterisk (*) will indicate the relevant Balloon to read. The Narrative will be supplemented with art by Yours Truly and other artist players in Our Gaming Group.

“From Ages Past come to us Legends and Myths -Stories if you will- of People capable of doing extraordinary things and achieving the impossible.  Of Men capable of lifting mountains and leveling whole forests through sheer strength and of women of superhuman beauty capable of soaring the skies on swan wings.

“We knew them by many names: Hercules, Gilgamesh, Cu Chulainn, Hyppolyte, Demeter, Brunhild… But little did We suspect the truth in such tales; that One Day, a new Age of Heroes and Monsters; Beauties and Beasts would be upon Us again. An Age of Horrors and Marvels.  Of the Sacred and the Profane. A new Age dominated by the return of the Meta-Human… THE METAGE™…*

*Also throughout this narrative will be links leading to further information about the Characters and their Players, with art and stories by their Creators.  I will also include art punctuating the narrative, as well as side stories set on this Super-Heroic World.

For this particular Series, we played using the Storyteller System from White Wolf’s Game Setting: Aberrant.

Sadly out of print, Aberrant paints a compelling, realistic portrait of a world inhabited by people with Super-Human powers.  In Aberrant, All super-powered people share the same origin and are called Novas, acquiring their powers when they develop an organ in their brains that enables them to manipulate the properties of Quantum particles by will alone.

For Copyright purposes, terms, names, concepts and characters have been worded differently when narrating the Game Story outside these Word Balloons, and a Glossary for terms and concepts is provided for elsewhere to clarify the terms used denoted by the symbol of (^).


*The original title of the original Campaign Sessions was called “Nova: Elites” , referring to Metahumans who sold their superhuman powers to the highest bidder. These Metahumans are called in the Aberrant Universe ‘Novas’, while ‘Elites’ refers to ‘Nova’ mercenaries. Hence the title.

We began the game sessions the summer of 2009 with five players; four guys and one lady.


JULY 18TH, 2009

“The Story So Far… begins in Mexico City. The year 2010, little more than twelve years after humans began manifesting supernatural powers and talents called Phenomena(^) (See Words of the Metage^) in significant numbers. By this date, some two-thousand recorded Metas^ exist worldwide. Their deeds and actions beginning to affect the course of Human History.

But this story is not about a World of Super-human beings, but about a particular handful of Metas^. Two friends in particular who find their lives irrevocably changed by their recent Recruitment^. Former wrestlers, El Diablo Blanco™, and Misterio Rojo™ find themselves out of a job as professional wrestlers when their respective Phenomena^ begin to manifest. Already on the decline due to advent of Metas^, interest in sports practiced by average humans had created resentments and envy in professional Sports, causing the two friends to be kicked out of the Mexican Federation League.

The discrimination is in part understandable. Diablo Blanco® (White Devil) can move at ballistic speeds and ignite into flames, while Misterio Rojo® (Red Mistery) can bench-press locomotives and fly. No normal wrestler can ever even dream to compete against THAT.

Faced with limited options, Misterio and Diablo decide to join the Extreme Unlimited Wrestling Federation (XUWF). An organization that arranges gladiatorial battles between Metas^ . The fastest-growing spectator sport, people pay good many to watch Super-powered beings beat each other to a pulp, and Metas^ who join up, make pretty good money. The other option Our two heroes are presented with is joining a Firm of Mercenary Metas^ who sell their powers in combat to the Highest bidder in faraway lands, battling other Metas^ and armies of Average Folks^.

Misterio and Diablo figure getting killed fighting in Foreign Lands against bloodthirsty armies is as bad an option as turning Meta-Rogue^ and robbing banks, and decide to give the XUWF a shot.

Upon arrival to the Luxurious XUWF, they are soon joined by other aspiring Gladiators*: Betances™, a patriotic hero inspired by The Past to free his nation from foreign domination. Using old values and traditional beliefs, he believes he can lead his people to a New Future, and currently is engaged in using his powers to raise capital for the New Revolution.

Also joining the cast is La Calacas™, a young adventuress who is out to raise hell and looks the part, she has recently come upon a new Meta-Mesh™ fabric** suit of exceptional quality with which she has a unique bond, enabling her to do stuff other Metas^ can’t.

*How this works is that ususally a group of friends gets together with the Game Master (The arbiter and creator of the Game. The Movie’s Director/ Producer if you will) and decide to put aside an evening of the week to play as an ensemble-cast of characters. Usually with 2-9 players. Each playing the role of her character in the background story of the Game Master. In this case, playing the classic Super-Hero Team fits this format perfectly, but the tough job is the Game Master’s, getting the players’ different characters together to weave a coherent story.

**In the game of Aberrant this is called an Eufiber suit, which is distilled from the secretions of a Nove who can weave fabrics immune to a Novas’ powers and can store energy and be shaped into any one design the Nova wants.  In the Narrative verson, Meta-Mesh is woven from a polymer designed by Meta-Scientists resonating with each individual Meta’s^ Phenomena^ . Calacas® is unusually adept at this, able to morph her suit to fulfill virtually any function or make any tool.

A foreigner from the north, the bitter and vengeful Anglerfish™, who having met his death while working for the government was understandably angry at all Governmental Institutions. He reasoned that putting his powers of manipulating, creating and becoming liquids would best be served in the private sector.

And finally, El Consolador™ (The Consoler) rounded this disparate cast of Characters. An out-of-work actor when he was Recruited^, he is now playing his heroic persona perhaps too close to heart. His empathic and healing powers also seem at odds in a career of fighting others for a living. *

* For more information, personal histories and visuals on these characters check their individual links.

Soon, Our Sextet of Heroes is blocked at the XUWF Building entrance by a veritable Barricade of Body-Guarding Bullies (Holly Bees, Batman!), but a tossed car in the air soon puts an end to this nonsense, and soon Anglerfish™ Betances™, La Calacas™, El Consolador™, El Diablo Blanco™, and Misterio Rojo™ find themselves before XUWF’s Local Manager, one B.B. Bartlett. A loud, prejudiced texan with a penchant for harassing his female staff (the characters arrive to his office just when he is done slapping his secretary around). Our Heroes (and Heroine) are offered a standard XUWF contract to fight in the Monday Night shows, but when they are tested in the Arena to fight, they are found lacking in the showmanship skills to make good XUWF fighters, escept for Diablo Blanco™ and Misterio Rojo™, whose experiences as average Wrestlers have made them naturals for the Arena.

We end this chapter with the Team deciding they need to hone their skills elsewhere before their first exhibition bout.*

*All good things come to an end, as players have to go the next to work or attend to their families or domestic chores, so the Game Master wraps up the session and rewards the players with experience points for their characters to improve and become more powerful.  This is then followed by a brief session of exchange of impressions on the game, in which players voice their grievances or praise the Game Master, and suggest ways in which the Game can improve.

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