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Aberrant: Elites (the webisodes)

Did I mention that we play role-playing games?

Well if you look in the column on the right you will see a number of ‘pages’ dedicated to our games.

One of the games that is currently running is:


Or “Aberrant: Elites (the webisodes)”, the webisodes because this game is a bit of a side quest to our main Aberrant game.

It’s one of our super-hero, well super powered, games. This one is run using the Aberrant system by White Wolf. It is a world that instead of having comic book Underwear Perverts Super-heroes and Super-villains rather has “People With Super Powers” and all that implies.

Our group started out their adventures by seeking fame and fortune in the exciting world of ¡LUCHA LIBRE! Comedy ensued. Things have not gone exactly as planned.

So click on over to “Aberrant: Elites (the webisodes)” to see our characters and their adventurs!


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